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Camaro SS Special Edition

JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro to Debut 2010 SEMA show

Dr. Jamie Meyer, Product Integration Manager of GM Performance Parts, agreed that the combination of the Chevy Camaro and JYD will bring an already exciting design to another level. “Just like on the basketball court, JYD brings his ‘A’ game to a vehicle project. He always brings a unique style to any project. He blends a little street, some muscle and a lot of swagger to anything he builds,” Meyer said.

Former NBA star and automotive enthusiast Jerome “Junk Yard Dog” Williams, in partnership with General Motors and Automotive Street Style magazine, will debut the JYD Signature Series Chevrolet Camaro SS at the upcoming 2010 SEMA show.

The customized 2010 Camaro SS will be unveiled in the Las Vegas Convention Center on November 1, 2010. This will mark the third vehicle JYD has partnered with GM on to customize for SEMA.

Camaro SS

Bob Kern, General Motors SEMA-relations director, said he was glad to work with Williams to help the JYD P.R.O.J.E.C.T. “Having the opportunity to use the Chevrolet Camaro as a rally point within urban communities is a great way to help Jerome bring people together to improve our cities and give youth an inspiration to achieve their goals,” Kern said.

Williams was first inspired to create the custom build to be showcased for the JYD P.R.O.J.E.C.T. after seeing the Unrestricted Motorsports 2010 Chevy Comp Series Camaro SS at the 2009 SEMA show. Having worked with aftermarket body kits for the past 20 years, he had specific criteria, and the Phoenix-based company’s kit offered the greatest potential for the JYD Signature Series. “It had that ‘wow’ factor without being overdone,” Williams said of the retro-inspired muscle car design that features sleek, clean lines.

Dr. Jamie Meyer, product integration manager of GM Performance Parts, agreed the combination of Camaro and JYD would advance an already exciting design to another level. “Just like on the basketball court, JYD brings his ‘A’ game to a vehicle project. He always brings a unique style, blending a little street, some muscle, and a lot of swagger into anything he builds,” Meyer said.

Camaro SS
The build required teamwork from some of the automotive industry’s best manufacturers. The JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro SS was built in Henderson, Nevada at Autobahn Excellence and features STS twin turbos, Fidanza twin plate clutch kit and Borla headers that will boost the car to 600 hp, while the car’s Baer six-piston brakes will slow down the Camaro enough to permit the appropriate stop-and-stare reaction.
Sleek styling is underscored by powerful performance, thanks to GM Performance Parts. Unrestricted Motorsports’ SS Comp Series Camaro body kit features a custom blue and silver paint scheme from the Kustom Shop.com along with a Hammerhead Stripe. The front fascia is accented with a custom diamond plate T-Rex Billet grille matching the Hammerhead Stripe, while seamlessly blending with the headlights.

The car’s Pirelli tires are wrapped around Forgiato’s Azioni 22s, along with MotionLite wheel illuminators. AACstyle’s Afterburner taillights round out the JYD Special Edition Camaro’s exterior.
Pirelli Tires
Providing the ultimate in convenience and protection, the JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro is fitted with an Escort Passport Qi45 radar detector and Escort’s SmartMirror rear-view mirror merging GPS Navigation and Bluetooth technology. Escort’s Blackline GPS-powered Entourage CIS GPS provides vehicle security, recovery and location awareness. Naturally, JYD added his custom speaker and amp package to the existing stock system to bolster the tunes powered by the Yellow Top Optima battery.

To cap it off, JYD’s logo is featured throughout the Signature Series Chevy Camaro SS. You’ll find it on the Barton Industries shifter, the seats, and in billet aluminum accents on the dashboard, trunk, hood, and engine. For an extra bit of flash, LTL Audio’s door projectors project the JYD signature logo onto the ground each time a door is opened.

The JYD Signature Series Chevy Camaro SS is available to order at Findlay Chevrolet in Henderson, Nevada. www.findlaychevrolet.com

automotive street style


Performance upgrades for the Camaro SS

Turbo: STS Turbo
Provides the Most Horsepower Throughout the Entire RMP Range
Wheels: Forgiato 22” Azioni
Designed for the Chevy Camaro, they are the highest quality custom wheels available
Brakes: BAER Brake System
Ultimate Performance Brake System to OE Brake Rotors, Pads and Vent Upgrades
Security: ESCORT®Entourage™ CIS powered by Blackline GPS™
Provides GPS Perimeter Security, Tamper Sensing Security, Tracking, Theft Recovery and Location Awareness.
Radar: Passport Qi45™with ESCORT® Laser Shifter Pack
Provides Blistering All-band Radar Protection and Laser Shifting Technology. Easy Connect and Cost Effective.
Navigation: ESCORT® SmartMirror™
Provides GPS Navigation, Hands-Free Cellular Phone Functions and Clear View Back-up Safety Camera.
Effects Package: Unrestricted Motorsports
Custom Appearance and Performance Package
Tires: Pirelli® P Zero™ 265/35ZR22 and 295/30ZR22
Provides Maximum Traction Control Compatible With Vehicle Performance and Power
Specialty Lighting: LTL Audio
Custom Designed Door Illumination Projection Neon Wheel Illumination: MotionLite
Might Driving Effect to Bring True Swagger
Grill: T-Rex Inc.
Billet Grill for the Phantom Look
Throw Shifter: Barton Industries
The Pistol Grip Shifter for a Performance Automatic

JYD Interior
Paint: JYD Signature Midnight Blue
Chameleon Paint Shows Blue in the Day and Black at Night

JYD Camaro
GM Performance Parts
Significant Contribution of Performance Parts


automotive street style


For More information Contact: Jerome Williams at

Automotive Street Style 702-589-4657

or email jerome@automotivestreetstyle.com

automotive street style


  • • STS Twin Turbo
  • • JYD Signature Edition Hood
  • • JYD Signature Edition deck letter kit
  • • GM Chevy door seals
  • • JYD Signature Hammer Head Striping
  • • JYD Signatuer Edition Badging
  • • JYD Signature Edition Engne Cover
  • • BAER Brake System for ultimate performance
  • • JYD Signature Edition floor mats
  • • JYD Signature Edition embroidered head rests

automotive street style


  • • JYD Signature Edition Pain
  • • GM Performkance Body Kit
  • • Forgiato 22" Rims (Custom Color Coded)
  • • Pirelli P-Zone Tires
  • • Borla long head headers
  • • Fidanza Fly Wheel and Clutch
  • • STS Turbo Upgrade kit
  • • 2-Tone Leather Interior
  • • Escort Qi45 Radar and Blackline GPS
  • • SmartMirror™ Navigation with back-up Camera
automotive street style



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barton industries
blackline gps
borla exhaust
escort keyless entry
gm performance part
kustom shops
optima batteries
pirelli tires
sts turbo
t-rex grilles
unrestricted motorsports


automotive street style


For More information Contact: Jerome Williams at

Automotive Street Style 702-589-4657

or email jerome@automotivestreetstyle.com

automotive street style


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