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What's New - March/April 2011


• Keep your car battery charged at top
• Plugs into cigarette lighter socket
• Ensures quick starts for your vehicle
• Zero maintenance
• Set on dashboard to charge
• Weather/rust/shock/UV resistant frame
• Works under the cloudiest conditions

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Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black

» Eastwood Rust Encapsulator Black

• Convenient to use over or under body fillers and
under lacquer, enamel, and urethane.
• Tested and proven to be more effective than
other brands in UV resistance
• Versatile spray from the high-solids aerosol or
brush directly from the can
• Acid, lead and chromate-free. Contains no isocyanates

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Autometer Products American Muscle 5 Piece Kit
» Autometer Products American Muscle 5 Piece Kit

When you’re ready to put the best instrumentation available in your vehicle, don’t settle for slow…

• Flat lenses for gauges
• Silver Face
• Illuminated Pointers
• Through the dial white LED lighting

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Astak CM- Mole Wireless IP CAmera
» Astak CM- Mole Wireless IP CAmera

The MOLE is the all-in-one network camera for security and social network communities. A simple three-step setup gets this H.264 Wi-Fi camera up and running so you can automatically send video clips to YouTube or Facebook, even remotely. Sophisticated built-in motion detection controls what you record, and will notify you via Twitter or email if the Mole catches something. You can remotely control the pan & tilt angles, and monitor or record video from anywhere in the world.

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Logitech Revue
» Logitech Revue

With Logitech Revue, what you’re into is what’s on. Enter your favorite actor and get what they’re doing on TV, the Web, Twitter, and more. Watch the game and your fantasy draft at the same time. Add the controller that fits your style. TV with lots of possibilities means TV that you make your own.

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Roto Tech Brake Drilled Rotors
» Roto Tech Brake Drilled Rotors

• Maximum air circulation for increased cooling and reduced fade
• Precision drilled and chamfered for faster initial braking
• Slots help keep rotor surface free of pad residue
• Improves wet-weather braking
• Strong one-piece design maximizes
structural integrity to meet the demands
of off-road driving performance

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What's New - Special CES Edition! - January/February 2011

» Parrot Asteroid Car Receiver

An in-car receiver in the true spirit of Android openness, the Parrot Asteroid has numerous USB ports on the back for connecting a GPS receiver, a broadband modem, or your entire music collection on an external hard drive. The company has leveraged Android’s music and GPS management and paired it with a voice recognition system to create a media hub and info center that can search your entire collection of tunes with just your voice.

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Tegra 2 Processor
» Nvidia Tegra 2
nvidia tegra 2 system

Nvidia first showcased its Tegra 2 system on a chip at last year’s CES, but it wasn’t until this year’s show that everyone got a chance to see what the hardware could really do. We’re talking about dual-core phones that can stream 1080p content to your big screen via HDMI, handle Flash sites and 3D games with ease, and make video chat buttery smooth.

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monsoon vulkano flow
» Monsoon Vulkano Flow
Monsoon has a really promising home entertainment product in the Vulkano Flow. This set-top box device can place-shift your TV content, letting users program their DVRs to record shows while away from home with mobile devices

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Sleek sturdy, and ultra-bright, the Samsung 9 Series is an ultraportable laptop that you’ll want to be seen carrying. Made of aircraft-grade Duralumin, this 2.9-pound notebook (starting at $1,599) raises the bar for beauty and performance.

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» Plantronics
Voyager Pro UC Version 2

It’s hard to imagine a Bluetooth headset that lets you use your hands even less, but the Plantronic Voyager Pro UC with intelligent sensor technology does just that. Built with capacitive sensors that can detect when the device is perched on your ear--and when it’s not, the Voyager is smart enough to route calls either to itself or to send them to your smart phone.

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Motorola Atrix 4GS
» Motorola Atrix 4GS

In addition to adding a sleek, sophisticated look to your vehicle, Sunroof Wind Deflectors let fresh air in, while minimizing interior cabin wind noise and air turbulence. Quality crafted in Germany of 4mm thick dark smoke tinted acrylic, the deflector fits sunroof openings perfectly and delivers higher filtration efficiency (99.4% better) than cotton gauze filters.

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